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Roll Up for the Hottest Sponsorship Opportunity Around

Local businesses are being given the opportunity to raise their profile with a unique opportunity – sponsoring Bristol’s roller derby league.

Bristol Roller Derby player in action - Tattoed Terror

Bristol Roller Derby member, Tattooed Terror, in action

Roller derby is a fast, full-contact, women-only sport played on quad skates. It combines athleticism – players train for up to 8 hours per week – with a sense of fun and showmanship. Players have alter-ego names such as Tattooed Terror and Ruby Whipper.

Established in May 2010, Bristol Roller Derby has grown to become one of the UK’s largest leagues with over 70 skaters and four teams: the travel team, Bristol Harbour Harlots; and three home teams, the Smash Vandals, Daughters of Anarchy and Project Mayhem.

The league is currently looking for sponsorship to help fund its expansion, and allow it to host regular competitive bouts.

Tuisku Sarrala, the league’s chairperson, said: “The interest in roller derby in the city – both from those who are involved and from fans – has been overwhelming.

“But it’s hard work. We are entirely skater-owned and managed, and like roller derby leagues the world over, we are grassroots and DIY. Everything from coaching to artwork is done by unpaid members or volunteers.”

The league believes it can offer businesses in the region a unique and exciting sponsorship opportunity and has created a flexible selection of sponsorship packages – from one-off advertisements to year-round deals – to suit all budgets and requirements.

The Bristol Roller Derby team

The Bristol Roller Derby team

Tuisku continued: “Members of the league are made up of all ages from 18 to mid 40s. They come from all walks of life, from stay-at-home mums to lawyers, midwives, graphic artists, fraud investigators, photographers and dog groomers.

“The target audience for roller derby is just as broad and diverse; it draws from those who enjoy physical, hard-hitting sports as well as those who seek out unusual and fun entertainment. We have built up an incredibly loyal fanbase and are confident that we can offer businesses a good return on their investment.”

WFTDA (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association) research* found that two-thirds of all fans know the businesses that support their local derby league, and nearly 90 per cent hold a favourable opinion of these businesses.

“We have grown rapidly into one of the UK’s largest leagues, and by sponsoring us you will gain access to the loyal fans we attract,” concludes Tuisku. “Your business can be associated with a sport that is fast, fun and furious. The women who play are athletes with a difference; they are fearless, determined and they embody female empowerment.”

Bristol Roller Derby regularly pulls in hundreds of people at its fundraising evenings and bouts, and its most recent ‘fresh meat’ intake (the affectionate term used for new skaters) saw over 100 enquiries and 60 women turn up for try outs.

The travel team’s first ever home bout on Saturday 9th July, which saw the team win by a 100 point difference against Gloucester, attracted over 400 members of the Bristol public. The league has since secured a larger venue for future bouts to cater for up to 600 fans.

If you would like to sponsor Bristol Roller Derby or would like to find out more, visit, email or phone Brooke Nolan on 0776918426.

*This research was undertaken in America. No similar research has been completed yet in the UK.