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Vile_Shadow #666

Current team(s)
Year joined derby
Skating Since
I can remember
167cm I think
Liptovsky Hradok, Slovakia 
Athletic background
I was skating from a very young age. We get very cold winters in Slovakia so we do a lot of ice skating, skiing, hockey playing and such. I remember when my mum bought me my first roller blades – God, they were so ugly! – and very noisy too. But never mind that, I love skating and I think it’s the best type of recreational sport. I was playing volleyball for more than 6 years representing my town, school or college. I was doing martial arts before but just for a very short time. Playing volleyball gave me a lot of leg muscles and strength in my upper torso so that is why I’m such a mean machine or “big hitter” in derby terms. More or less I was skating quite a lot before I joined the Derby world. I know belly dancing and Go-Go dancing don’t have anything to do with athletics but I think it helped me to move my arse the right way…
League work
Coach and the ugly face of the team.
Derby highlight
I graduated on the 13th of Feb 2011. And I won my first award at my first bout against Cornwall Roller Derby which I’m very proud of, because we played the day after my birthday and I couldn’t wish for a better present. A part of the award was a dog tag in the shape of a star with engraved: ”BEST JAMMER CRD v SXDG” on one side and ”8th May 2011” on the other side. I have it attached to my wallet so I have it on me at all times. That is how I roll and I love it. *Giggle*
Random fact(s)
I love all things weird and wonderful so that is why I started doing my ugly/gory/scary face make up. It goes very nicely with my name and personality. As a make-up artist I find it very funny when people are asking me all these random questions about my make up. You know… that is what I do and adore because I’m special… *sigh* not really… I’m just bringing my talent to the derby world to make it just a bit more special, or scary. It depends what way you look at it.
And I like to scare people as well… I swear, nothing beats the feeling when you scare people.