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Tilly Latimer #12

Current team(s)
Year joined derby
Skating Since
Skated as a kid, but had a break of about 20 years until I joined BRD
Athletic background
I love adrenaline sports – outside of derby I have a horse that I event pretty seriously, I snowboard, surf, went kite surfing on honeymoon, kayak, rock and ice climb, mountain bike – most of my hobbies are sport-related!
League work
I’m Head of Coaching and as well as coaching the league, I have responsibility for the mental game side of things.
Derby highlight
Getting voted Crowd Favourite in our British Champs game against LRR. Generally our whole first season of British Champs, where we went in as the bottom seed in Tier 2 South and only missed out on going to playoffs by the tiniest of margins.