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ScarFaith #27

Current team(s)
BRD B Team
Year joined derby
Skating Since
1992, broke my arm in 1994 whilst skating and sweeping leaves with a stiff broom…Hung out at roller discos until 2000. Fell in love with skating again in 2011.
Lived in Bristol for nearly ten years, it’s home to me!
Athletic background
I’m a long distance runner. 10ks, half marathons, and have signed up to my third marathon – Bristol to Bath!
League work
I’m all about the social media. If you see any Facebook or twitter posts, they’re likely to be from me! I also get my bake on at all home bouts, but we have way too many amazing bakers!
Derby highlight
Jamming in the BRD B vs Dublin B game, taking us over 100 points whilst getting a black eye in the process 😀 I felt unstoppable!
Random fact(s)
I have a PhD in parasites (that’s Dr ScarFaith to you!!).