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Nick Dastardly #62

Current team(s)
BRD men’s, BRD All-stars & BRD Bees LUM
Year joined derby
Skating Since
Does that include skateboarding and ice skating cause in that case since about seven years old in the case of ice skating!! Mum insisted!!
I think I’m 5″9 but I’m definitely not very tall!!
Athletic background
Mostly cycling, road bike racing at school, then BMX (legit sport, look it up!!)! Sport went by the way side for years whilst I was being ‘moody and punk’, thank God it’s back in derby!!
League work
I have many roles, well two main ones to be frank! I am the line up manager for the wonderful bees, who are constantly smashing it! I am also a coach and coordinator for our junior team, making sure that when we retire there is a constant stream of awesome skaters, who will be better than all of us very soon!!
Derby highlight
Easily skating in my first champs game at the thunder dome, all the hard work paying off was awesome!!
Random fact(s)
When I’m not skating I am in fact a responsible member of society, working as a scout leader! Also I have a hole in my chest where the sternum bone should be that I can eat cereal from…