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Mr. Incredibrawl

Mr Incredibrawl #183

Current team(s)
BRD Alumni
Year joined derby
Skating Since
Well, I reffed my first bout in September 2011, played my first bout in March 2012.
Athletic background
Some martial arts and competitive swimming experience. Nothing major. Definitely nothing like roller derby!
League work
Corralling refs for bouts, booking training sessions for the men’s team, providing occasional rule clarifications/discussions for those interested enough.
Derby highlight
Doing my 25 in 5! I built it up so much in my head, I was shaking when I stepped up to the start line. But I did it. Only just, but I did it!
Random fact(s)
I once took a 10-week Japanese language course. Can’t remember much now though. Yoroshiku onegaishimas!