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La Bicha

la Bicha #62

Current team(s)
BRD Alumni
Year joined derby
Skating Since
I was 7 or 8
Vigo (Galicia)
Athletic background
I loathed exercise since my PE teacher laughed loudly while pointing at me in front of all the class as I tried and failed to jump the vault over and over again and kept banging the floor on my way down. I didn’t know I was already training for roller derby. Now I may do far too much, I try lots of classes and do regular swimming, cycling, plyometrics … and zumba for a laugh and a good sweat. Yoga to keep pain-free. Saturdays I collapse on the sofa. Unless I’m bouting!
League work
Part of the Welfare team, Closed bouts co-coordinator, small part of Merch and Fundrasing groups, help out the Arts group. A little bit of a lot but it’s nice to give a hand.
Derby highlight
Being named MVP by my team mates at one of our scrimmages after having been away with a bad knee.Every time I bout is a highlight – it makes me incredibly happy and I’m always disappointed when I hear the final whistles.
Random fact(s)
I could translate Anglo-Saxon but I’ve probably forgotten.