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Adèle Linquent #0o

Current team(s)
BRD A Team
Year joined derby
Skating Since
1980-1992 and a break, then 2010
I don’t have one
Athletic background
The most significant has probably been swimming, and still being cycling, hiking, being generally active
League work
I’ve just been given the BigCartel page.
Derby highlight
The first ever bout of course. I was on a total high and kissing everybody.
But also the first Derby Revolution bootcamp where I got congratulated for being a sturdy jammer quite a few times by the guest-coaches, especially that epic time when Team USA skater Joy Collision consistently gave me the jammer panty even when I had too may penalties. Her trust gave me wings and I had overall very successful jams.
Random fact(s)
I love the deaf culture and sign language. I’ve learnt 3 different ones (but since forgotten, kinda) and I wish I knew some deaf people to talk to.