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Photo by Adam Gasson |

Photo by Adam Gasson |

Following twelve months of successful fundraising Bristol Roller Derby are thrilled to be able to present our Charity of the Year, Survive, with a grand total of £1527.35. The money has been raised through specific fundraising events, donations and passing the bucket at every opportunity, and members are very proud of the amount raised. BRD members think so highly of the work carried out by Survive that it has been recently selected as Charity of the Year for a second time. The Bristol and South Gloucestershire Survive helps women, children and young people who are experiencing domestic abuse. It provides a huge variety of services including a helpline, confidence building workshops and outreach support programmes. It also runs three secret refuges in the region which offer a welcome retreat for those in need.

Anna Smith, Chief Executive of Survive said

“We would like to thank Bristol Roller Derby for all your efforts and raising such a great sum for Survive. It was fantastic that some of our staff could come and see a bout at the weekend and be presented with a nice big cheque! The money is going towards the Freedom programme – our group work programme for women who have experienced domestic abuse, to help them recover from their experiences, recognise potential future abusers and recognise the effects of domestic abuse on children. The programme makes a real difference to the lives of women and children who have experienced abuse. Another thank you is due as you have named us your Charity of the Year for 2013 too. We are looking forward to working with you again this year.”