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Harbour Harlots Hit Deal or No Deal

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Though far more used to facing opposition as part of a team, on August 26th our very own Tequila Jammer stood boldly alone to meet a cunning and unpredictable foe, an opponent unlike any she’d battled before…the Banker.

As a contestant on hit gameshow Deal Or No Deal Tequila had to hold her nerve and pit her wits against the boxes, hoping to keep it low, keep it blue. Would she be able to spank the Banker or would he knock her aside and dash her dreams? This was one situation where her Harlot team-mates would not be able to help. Or would they…

Screen shot 2013-09-01 at 00.43.17Asked about the experience, Tequila said “My time at Deal or No Deal was absolutely amazing, I arrived during the festival special and spent my first week in fancy dress with lemons on my head, it was brilliant. The other contestants are so lovely, and have become my third family (Bristol Roller Derby of course being my second). I was really nervous during my game because it meant so much to me and I had seen huge highs and lows during my time filming (Paddy winning 250k and Jolene and Rich leaving with a penny). I hadn’t told many people I was going to be on Deal so when all of my friends and teammates came rolling out to surprise me I couldn’t quite believe it, at that moment I felt as though I had won the 250k, I couldn’t have been happier to see them all, it gave me the strength to carry on my game.”

Black Thorn, the Harlots Vice Captain, finally spills the secrets about how the day came together…

“When I took the phone call from the producers of Deal asking if I could try to get the team together to surprise Tequila Jammer during her show the overall feeling was one of relief – I knew she was going to be on the show having written her reference, and keeping it secret from the rest of the Harlots was proving almost impossible!

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Tequila had taken a few weeks off of training for filming so we’d all been missing her and couldn’t wait to support her – especially as it meant appearing on the show itself and meeting the legend that it Noel Edmonds! It was a bit of a logistical nightmare getting 10 Harlots to the TV studios without Tequila getting wind of it or the rest of the league finding out, but other than a pretty heated argument about which of us would hipcheck Noel if the opportunity arose it went without a hitch!

The day itself was great fun, starting with us being sneaked into the greenroom during filming and then into position backstage whilst the contestants were having lunch. We attempted to ‘choreograph’ our entrance with the Director but if you watched the show it is pretty apparent that this didn’t go entirely to plan – The Blizzard ending up with a black eye courtesy of Da Silva Surfer certainly wasn’t in the script!

It was clear from Tequila’s reaction that we successfully kept it a secret, seeing her realise that her sister (The Wrecknician) was there after telling a small white lie about not being able to get away from work made us all tear up a bit! We had a great day out and are all incredibly proud of how well Tequila did, if a teensy bit jealous of her upcoming trip to Championships paid for by her winnings!”

If you missed the episode or want to watch it again, it can be found here: