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DOA Fundraiser – Bristol to Bath Roll

Daughters of Anarchy

Daughters of Anarchy

This event will now be taking place on Sunday the 11th of August after having been postponed in June.

This June the Bristol Harbour Harlots A and B teams will be travelling to Germany and France to play the Stuttgart and Brest Roller Derby teams, respectively.

This is a hugely exciting opportunity, but in order to make sure that all the skaters are able to go we need to do a bit of fund raising…

The job of fundraising for this particular cause has been taken up by one of Bristol Roller Derby’s home teams, the Daughters of Anarchy.

The Daughters (and their friends) will be doing a sponsored ‘roll’ from Bristol to Bath. They will be skating, cycling and taking any kind of man/woman powered, wheeled, transport.

Please follow this link to our fundraising page and dig deep so we can take the name of BRD, and uk roller derby abroad and kick some butt!

A portion of our proceeds will also be donated to our supported charity Survive.