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DOA Beat Smash Vandals to Win 2014 Intraleague Tournament!

154 Daughters of Anarchy – 150 Smash Vandals

Saturday 22nd February, Thornbury Leisure Centre

Two games down and there was all to play for in the final match of Bristol Roller Derby’s Intraleague season. A win from Daughters of Anarchy would see them lift the home season trophy; a win from Smash Vandals would mean a perfect three-way tie. And so far the season has taught us that you can’t predict what will happen in a BRD home team bout!

Smash Vandals had a strong start, with their jammers consistently smashing through the pack to get lead jammer. But DOA were putting up some tough walls and the Vandals could only extend their lead to 7-16. But after a flurry of penalties and some power jam swaps, the Vandals had a more comfortable lead at half time: 34-61.

However, after last week’s ‘game of two halves’, with DOA convincingly snatching a win from the Die Hards in the second half, it was clear this bout wasn’t over.

Not long after the second half started DOA had a spurt of power jam action. Among others, Sno’ and Ophelia racked up some easy points and DOA sneaked into the lead 80-73. *sings power jam song in head*.

A few more power jams to both teams, some lead changes, a number of penalties, and some unbearably exciting action and there was no way of guessing which way the game would go. These BRD girls were working their shiny-hot-panted arses off!

In the end, a confusing penalty involving an illegal star pass meant the final outcome was delayed as the refs took their time to correct the scores. It could have gone either way, but the Daughters snatched the win 154-150 to make them intraleague champions!

Photo by Kevin70

Photo by Kevin70

Congratulations to the DOA girls for being this year’s champs! And also massive congratulations to the Vandals and Die Hards who showed-off their awesome skills on the track. Lots of our Fresh Meat graduates lost their bout virginity and showed that BRD have an incredibly talented league this year!

Finally, we couldn’t have put on the intraleague season without hard work from our refs, our NSOs, everyone in the league, and our very vocal supporters – THANKS TO ALL!!!

Written by ScarFaith