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Bristol Roller Derby’s Intraleague Season: A Bout of Two Halves

Daughters of Anarchy 227  – 95 ADHD

Saturday 1st February, Thornbury Leisure Centre


Things have become very interesting in Bristol Roller Derby’s 2014 intraleague tournament after an epic game at Thornbury Leisure Centre last Saturday.

It was a very confident Anarchic Die Hard Derby (ADHD) team, fresh from their win over Smash Vandals the previous week, who skated onto the track for the second of Bristol Roller Derby’s intraleague bouts. This time it was the Daughters of Anarchy (DOA) who lined up against previous week’s winners, ready to battle it out to decide if ADHD would take the Championship after just two games.

The Die Hard’s confidence shone through in the first half of the game, who, despite a strong start and early lead from the Daughters, remained calm and focused, patiently waiting for the opposing jammers to make a mistake.

And they didn’t have to wait too long. Mid-way through the first half some text book defending by the ADHD blockers saw the DOA jammer sent to the penalty box. Some great tactical calls and more penalties by DOA resulted in a series of power jams for the Die Hards who racked up the points as the first half came to an end. Half time result: DOA 48 – ADHD 68.

But captain of DOA, E-Z Roller, wasn’t going to see her team give up that easily. After rallying her troops during the half time break, the strong start that the Daughters had made in the first half was replicated in the second. The only difference was that this time they didn’t take their foot off the pedal.

This bout is a tale of two halves. While ADHD were calm and patient in the first half, DOA were dogged and relentless in the second. And the pressure took its toll. An almost immediate power jam for the Daughters allowed them to take control of the game and not give it back. Solid work by the team’s blockers meant that ADHD jammers found themselves with nowhere to go, and few points to be scored.  That, combined with powerful jamming from the Daughters, saw an avalanche of points in the second half – mostly in favour of the team in green.

Final score: DOA 227 – 95 ADHD.

Both ADHD and DOA now have one win each. The deciding game will take place on Saturday 22 February when DOA take on Smash Vandals to confirm which of the three teams will be crowned intraleague champions.


Written by Raven Lunatic