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Bees scrim with Surrey Roller Girls

Bristol Roller Derby B team (affectionately known as the “Bees”) recently had the pleasure of playing in an away closed-door game against Surrey Roller Girls. We had the most amazing day there with a really lovely group of skaters, refs and NSOs, and Surrey have even produced this nifty little video of the day! Thanks to Anne Grenade’s dad, Phil Kemp, for making this…



BRD has been lucky to have a large influx of new skaters via our Drop In Derby sessions in recent months, so much so that the Beehive is now groaning under the weight of all this amazing, new, hymenopteran talent! Getting to play together in closed friendlies like this is vitally important for us to get to know each other better, give the new skaters some game time against unknown opponents, try out new tactics and line-up pairings and, most importantly, to have all the fnu! (BRD’s version of fun: it’s like fun, only fun-er!).

Because it was a closed game we can’t publish the score, but let’s just say it was a hotly fought game of two halves. Surrey really pushed us (and I hope we pushed them too), and we came out of the game a wiser and more cohesive team. My proudest moment as captain so far was when during the sweaty, joy-filled, post-game hugs, one of the Surrey girls said “Wow, you guys really play like a team”. Thank you Surrey for having us, and for this awesome video! We really hope to see you on the track again soon.

– Rip Tease, B Team Captain

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